Video Instructions

The video upload on the SHARE app has proved to be incredibly helpful for therapists when trying to understand a child’s speech and language abilities. Below we’ve provided some useful examples for what to do.


For children who are talking, a video helps the therapist see how your child makes speech sounds. For children who are not talking yet or have limited speech, a video shows the therapist how they usually communicate, interact.


Don’t worry if your child loses attention or does not talk much during the video. However, it is important for the therapist to see your child’s face, mouth (and hands) during the video to see how they talk, make sounds and get their message across.

If your child is over 4 and talking you can ask them:

a) Questions about themselves. For example,

          • Tell me about yourself and your family
          • Tell me about your toy/activity/sporting team/tv programme/pets

b) Describe what’s happening in a picture that they’ve drawn or lego they’ve made

c)  To tell you about what they are doing or what is happening during make-believe games, such as cooking, dress-up, car-garage games, dinosaur figure games

If your child is under 4 and/or not talking at all or much you can try:

a) Interactive games. E.g, Rolling a ball to one another, taking turns blowing bubbles, taking turns shaking a rattle or banging a drum, playing peek-a-boo.

b) Construction games. E.g. making play dough together, building a tower or duplo/lego together

c) Make-believe games. E.g. playing with a toy garage, toy figures, or dolls together. Pretend cooking or shopping.

d) Books. Taking turns pointing out pictures in a book together.

Privacy and Security

Video files uploaded to the SHARE app are treated with the utmost security. These video files are ONLY viewed by your assigned Speech and Language Therapist for the purpose of understanding your child’s speech and language abilities.

Videos are never shared with anyone outside of your speech therapy provider and are deleted once your case is closed on the system. For any questions relating to this or anything on the SHARE platform please email us at