Frequently Asked Questions

What services do we offer?

Kids Speech Labs provides a personalised screening assessment for individual children. Data provided by the parent/guardian of the child and audio examples of the child’s speech are reviewed by a qualified Speech and Language Therapist. The therapist provides parents with a brief assessment of the child’s speech and a list of targeted tips and activities to complete at home.

This is not a full clinical speech and language assessment but rather an interim step to allow parents understand if their child has an issue that needs clinical speech therapy or an expected delay.

Who should use this pre-screening assessment?

The Kids Speech Labs pre-screening app is designed for parents who have a child on a waiting list for speech and language therapy or who are wondering if they should refer to speech and language therapy. Our platform is developed to get a clinical first impression of your child’s speech and language skills and help you, as a parent, support your child’s developmental needs.

Do you provide speech and language therapy?

No, Kids Speech Labs provides information and guidance on activities, from clinical practice, that are commonly used from home-based practice. It is up to the parent or guardian to follow the recommendations of the therapist and seek traditional speech and language therapy if required.