Remote Screening and Intervention for Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language development is a critical developmental phase for children. Speech and language skills at 5 years of age are predictors of success, not just in school but in adult life.

The evidence is clear; early identification and intervention is the key to addressing any childhood developmental delay and home based intervention, when delivered correctly, can have a real impact on a child’s development.

Kids Speech Labs enables parents to share real world examples of their child’s speech and language development with a Speech and Language Therapist. Providing early stage home based activities that are designed to fit into family life parents can feel empowered to support their child at home.

Secure Data Sharing Platform:

Case history questionnaires + speech samples collected through interactive games enable parents to share a real world view of their child’s speech and language skills.

Remote Screening:

Speech and Language therapists have all the patients data in one place, can make notes and generate and share a clinical summary report to share with parents.

Targeted Home-based Supports:

Post review Therapists can share targeted home based activities/advice/resources to help parents between therapy visits or while on waiting lists.

Our Quality and Safety Assurance

At Kids Speech Labs we are Clinicians and Professional software Engineers first and foremost. Our professional obligations require us to ensure that the tools we use in treating patients are as safe as we can make them. The software (platform and app) we produce is just such a “tool” and we are committed to ensure that the software we manufacture measures up to the high standards and traditions set by our respective professions.

As a company we have established systematic Quality Management and Clinical Safety systems and hold quarterly reviews to identify. assess, control and mitigate any inherent clinical or system risks. This is then consolidated on a yearly basis.

Meet The Team

Shona Darcy

Shona has PhD in speech recognition technology and has over 12 years in digital health, she has a track recording in solution development and clinical validation of digital health solutions

Lindsay Harrison

Lindsay, a certified Speech and Language therapist has 15 years’ experience in clinical practice and has research background in patient centred healthcare delivery.

Aaron McCoy

Aaron, has a wealth of experience in software development, from machine learning and real time signal processing application to cloud based solution deployment.

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